7500 In-Line
Smoke Opacity Meter

Model 7500il Smoke Meter Complete Includes:
(Part No. 7500C-il)

Control Unit
Power Supply Transformer
50 Ft. Heavy Duty Shielded Cable
PC Interface Cable
Software interface
Calibration Filter Assembly
Receiving Unit - (Water Cooled Optional)
Light Unit - (Water Cooled Optional)
Laptop Assembly
Stack piece

Authorized Distributor
Mon - Sat
The Data Collection Unit (DCU) is the heart of the Model 7500iL system. This small, portable, lead acid battery powered unit collects information from up to three sensors.

PC based opacity meter
Reads in opacity or density
Monitors RPM/ Oil Temperature
Contains a weather station
Easy to use management functions allow for data collection and downloads
Available in 220V

Wager offers a variety of in-line opacity meters for monitoring diesel emissions. Stack pieces and custom lens sets are available for light duty, medium duty and heavy duty application. Wager models 6500il, 7500il and the Stack Check may all be configured as in-line systems.