• Buying a non-J1667 compliant meter
• Buying the wrong type of meter for your purpose
• Buying a meter from a company with poor customer support
• Buying a meter with an EXPENSIVE proprietary battery $$$
• Buying a meter you have to send away to get calibrated $$$        
Authorized Distributor for the Following Manufacturers:

• WAGER Opacity Meters
• SMOKE WIZARD EVAP Leak Detection
• MOTORVAC Equipment, Supplies & Parts
• DELPHI 2010
• FLO-DYNAMICS Equipment & Supplies

All New Equipment is Factory Direct!!

FACTORY DIRECT SHIPPING ensures you get the latest product version
- not an older model  your local store may have in leftover stock!

Portable, Heavy Duty
Unbeatable Sale Prices & Support!
Factory Direct!

- MADE in USA -

               We Sell to the Public, Municipalities, *Schools & the Military
   *Additional Special Pricing for Schools
    Certified Small / Micro Business Veteran Owned
        State and Federal Registered
Roger Krimsky - CA State Certified Diesel Smoke Opacity Tester. He learned the hard way, making several initial mistakes.  Hands-On - he is completely familiar with all smoke detection & opacity testing equipment on the market.  He'll answer all questions and help you make the right choice!  Roger is familiar with ALL U.S. state regulations!                
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