8500 Wireless Partial Flow
Wireless Smoke Opacity Meter

Meets or exceeds all requirements of SAE J1667
Easy to use menu system
All devices are battery powered for complete wireless testing.
A “power off” feature saves battery life on both the hand controller and sensor head during user-defined period of inactivity.
All system components fit neatly into the customized storage case for easy transportation.
● Large bright graphics color display ( 320 x 240 pixels )
● Data of stored tests can be sent to a portable printer or to a pc. Records can be selected by vin, customer name, license number and more.
User can verify system accuracy with the verification filter
● Ability to read atmospheric temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure.
● Wireless channels are used during communication between the Hand Controller, Sensor Head, & printer for optimum data transmission.

Authorized Distributor
Mon - Sat
The 8500 meets the SAE J1667 emission protocol and uses full flow measurement technology in order to obtain the opacity readings. The unit can store up to 128 test records. Operation of the meter is through an easy to use menu system and the meter is self–calibrating upon power up. A verification filter is supplied with the system to assure continuous accuracy.
The partial flow sensor head is constructed out of light weight anodized aluminum. It comes with a straight and curved nozzle for easy placement on varied stack configurations. Our unique design allows for the passage of the smoke plume past the optics, without the need for a fan.

Light Weight
Not affected by ambient light
Reliable readings even in adverse weather conditions

The partial flow head allows for quick and easy placement of the sensor on the stack. The bayonet style nozzle slips into the stack, reducing the possibility for any wind distortion while testing. A clamping style nozzle is also available for quick and easy placement.